Yoga and ballooning

Hello Readers
welcome to my 1st ever blog and I am looking forward to writing more soon.
My name is Lucy-Leigh and I love fitness and yoga.
I hope you are all enjoying my photos.
My 1st photo shoot was so exciting, I’ve never had my photo taken nude before.
I wanted to show you all my beautiful hairy pussy and how flexible I am becoming from doing yoga.
I only started yoga a year ago and now found out my inner peace and I can do so much more in the bedroom department too 😉

last summer I went away camping and I did the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life.
I went up in an air balloon. going up was a bit scary but once up I loved it so much. looking down on all the small houses and people I felt like I was a giant.
The landing was so much fun.
It was a drag landing, that means the wind picked up and dragged the basket with us in it about 6 foot or more along the ground.
this gave me the biggest buzz ever.


I'm a lonely housewife always looking for some filthy action. My husband works away a lot and I get my fun where I can. Maybe you could help me out? I am very open minded and love a good role play. If you think you can handle me then just ask for Lucy-Leigh when you call to book.