Spanking Time

Sometimes a naughty girl like me has to be put in her place. I can be a brat, I even stamp my feet when I don’t get my own way and daddy Pete was not in the mood for me playing up.

He had warned me twice that I was heading for a good spanking and the rule is that if he has to tell me a third time then I will be punished. He pulled me over his knee and lifted up my little skirt, exposing my cute, white panties. Running his hand over them before pulling them down just enough so that my peachy bottom was on display.

He gave each cheek a pinch before raising his hand and bringing it down hard, making me wriggle and squirm. He continued to do this for a good few minutes, I was biting my lip pretty hard not wanting to cry out, not because it didn’t hurt but because I am a stubborn brat who didn’t want to give him the satisfaction but he knew this. He spanks got harder and harder till I finally cried out and begged him to stop.

My bottom felt so hot and sore and I was relieved when he finally stopped spanking and started rubbing. I could feel how hard he was beneath me and felt my pussy twitch. He started to rub between my legs and groaned as he felt how wet I was for him. His fingers easily slipped inside my tight, wet cunt as his thumb rested against my puckered ass hole.

Then he said the words that I was waiting for “time to get on all fours”

What to know what happens next? Text me and I will tell you. 😉


I'm Brooke and I am a very much a daddy's girl and often a bit of a brat that needs to be taken in hand. I love all kinds of role plays and have no limits whatsoever. All you have to do is tell me what you want me to be and I guarantee you total satisfaction. Come and get what you really want. ;) Just ask for Brooke when you call to book your text package and I will be getting you (and me) off in no time!