Sex With A Stranger

I have to admit that I find sex with strangers a massive turn on. Last weekend I went clubbing, it was really crowded and I was stood at the bar, this is one of my favourite places to stand because guys have to squeeze past me, I get a real kick out of that.

Anyway I was sipping my drink when a guy did just that, he started to squeeze past but stopped right behind me. I pushed my ass out a little and he responded by pressing right into me. I could feel his bulge against me and I became very turned on. Suddenly I felt him reach around and grab my hand, pulling it back and placing it on his crotch. I unzipped him and slipped my hand inside, wrapping it around a huge and very hard cock. My panties were getting so wet as I wanked him and I wanted him inside me. He must have sensed this because he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties to one side. I parted my legs a little and arched my back so that he could slide it in. He continued to fuck me, deep, firm thrusts as people around us were jostling to get to the bar. I came so hard, and he soon followed.

What made this even more horny is that not once did we make eye contact. I have no idea what he looked like, nor did I care.

Would you like to hear about some of my other filthy antics? Then text me and I will tell you. 😉


I'm Debra and I'm in my 40s. I'm a teaching assistant and can't get enough sex! I love sex parties, orgies and group sex. I love a nice large cock and I'm a total cum bucket! I also love dogging. One cock is never enough and I have the pics to prove it! Am I too dirty for you? Let's find out, ask for Debra when you book your texts.