Naughty Neighbour

I just have to tell you guys what I did last night.

I was standing by my window wrapped in just a towel after a shower. I was about to close the curtains when I noticed my neighbour standing at his window, he was looking straight at me and it actually turned me on.

Now this guy is in his 50s but pretty good looking for his age and I decided to give me a little flash by “accidentally” dropping my towel. When I picked it up I looked across the street at him and he had the biggest grin on his face and I felt my clit twitch as I gave him a cheeky smile before closing the curtains.

I then laid on my bed, closed my eyes and starting playing with my very wet pussy. I was really getting close to cumming when the door went. I quickly grabbed my towel and went to see who it was. Imagine the look on my face when my neighbour was standing there, that naughty grin on his face and an obvious hard on in his jeans.

Well it would have been rude to send him away and my pussy really needed a good seeing to so I took him upstairs and, well I can tell you what happened after that when you text me. 😉



I'm Brooke and I am a very much a daddy's girl and often a bit of a brat that needs to be taken in hand. I love all kinds of role plays and have no limits whatsoever. All you have to do is tell me what you want me to be and I guarantee you total satisfaction. Come and get what you really want. ;) Just ask for Brooke when you call to book your text package and I will be getting you (and me) off in no time!