Naughty Nurse

I was having a nice little play with myself the other night when I remembered a patient that I took care of many moons ago and how naughty I was with him.

Jeff had broken his femur and arm and that meant bed baths. I was on this particular morning went to Jeff armed with a bowel of water, sponge and towels. He had a naughty glint in his eye as he told me that he was ready for me. I gave him a cheeky wink as I started to wash his top half, admiring his chest and stomach and wondering what I would find when I got a little lower. I could see the bed sheet tenting even before I move it and was pleasantly surprised when I saw his hard cock, must had been a good 8 inches. I felt myself getting very turned on as I washed it.

Jeff started to groan very softly and told me that it really was going to need a very good cleaning and who was I to argue with that! I wrapped the flannel around it and worked my hand up and down, keeping at ear and eye out in case anyone walked it.

Jeff then reached down and slipped his hand up my by now very wet panties and started rubbing them causing me to wank him harder and faster. It didn’t take long for him to shoot a massive load over my hand.

I was so close to cumming myself but heard my name being called so had to quickly do a jizz clean up. I was so frustrated for the rest of the day.

I have many naughty stories to share with you so why don’t you book some texts with me right now so that I can tell you all about them.


Hi guys, I'm a 60 year old retired nurse and I am always looking for my next thrill. I'm a widow, fun loving bisexual, curvy, attractive self assured lady. I'm into a lot of foreplay, indoor and outdoor fun and used to love swinging with my husband. I love the fact that my two strapping nephews have just moved in! Mmm......