Daddies Bad Girl

You know the saying “When I’m good I’m very very good but when I’m bad I’m better” well that was certainly the case when daddy and I played.

Sam and I love the daddy/girl play and both really get off on it. On this particular occasion daddy had come home late to find me laying on my bed, my nightshirt pulled up, legs wide open and fingers working my smooth pussy. I didn’t notice him standing there at first, it was just hearing the sound of his fast breathing that made me look up and there he was at my bedroom door, his hard cock in hand having a good wank.

When he saw me looking he stopped and walked over to me, telling me that it was my fault that his cock was hard and I was going to have to sort it out. I didn’t want to make daddy cross and his big hard cock made my tight pussy twitch. He held his cock in front of my face and told me to show daddy how good I was with my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft and put the head into my mouth, it was really stretched as daddy held the back of my head and pushed as much as he could in.

He didn’t last very long though and soon filled my mouth with salty cream. That was just the start of it though because it was then my job to get him hard again, would you like to know how I did that and then what happened? Text me and I will tell you, maybe we could role play too. A girl can never have enough daddies 😉


I'm Brooke and I am a very much a daddy's girl and often a bit of a brat that needs to be taken in hand. I love all kinds of role plays and have no limits whatsoever. All you have to do is tell me what you want me to be and I guarantee you total satisfaction. Come and get what you really want. ;) Just ask for Brooke when you call to book your text package and I will be getting you (and me) off in no time!