• Mistress Eve

    The Punished Cock

    CBT is something that I consider Myself to be an expert at and always smile when a submissive presents his cock and balls for Me to have My wicked way with. It is always fun when a guy has some specialist bits and bobs but if he has not then there are plenty of things that can be collected up from around the house that can be used. If you are looking to follow instructions for CBT then get what you can out of this list; Candle Cotton buds Toothbrush and toothpaste Pegs Elastic bands Wooden spoon or spatula A shoe with a lace A bowl of ice If you…

  • Mistress Eve

    The Toilet Slave

    Slave Chris loves nothing more than to be rewarded with My delicious golden nectar and I love nothing more than using a slaves mouth! I like My toilet slaves to lay on their backs, resting on their elbows with arms up, palms facing up to make Me a seat. I plant My divine ass on My seat and have them lower Me down to inches above their face.  I do enjoy teasing, knowing they can see My sexy piss hole, anticipating the treat that I will be giving them. Their cock twitches like fuck as the first few drops drip into their thirsty mouths. Would you like to know more…

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