Anal Cherry Popping

I was never sure that I wanted to try anal, I had thought about it but decided that it might hurt so declined guys that asked.

At the weekend there was a party for one of my friends birthday and I met a really good looking guy there. We spent the evening drinking and chatting and there was plenty of flirting. I was really attracted to him so when he offered to take me up I took him up on it.

We were soon kissing, out hands all over each other and off came our clothes. He worked his mouth down my body, all the way down to my very wet pussy and started licking. I was in heaven! It was not long before I came and I thought that he would stop but he started to lick my asshole, I had never had that done before and it felt amazing!

After a while he slid his finger in and I was shocked by how good that felt, that he when he told me that he would love to slide his cock into that tight hole. I was so turned on at that point that I told him to do it.

He got be on all fours and rubbed his cock that was sticky with pre cum over my tight puckered hole before gently sliding it it. I felt so stretched and full as he worked that cock in and out.

Text me to find out what happened next! x


I'm 18 years old and a student studying health and social care. I love going out for drinks with my friends and having a good time. I also like going to the gym. I really prefer the older guy, I am very submissive and enjoy learning new sexual things, I am very eager to learn, maybe you are the one to teach me? I have some very naughty photos that I can send you where you can see what dirty things I got up to at the gym! Just ask for Chloe when you call to book a text package with me.