Dirty Texting


Do you like receiving dirty texts and photos? Of course you do or you wouldn’t be here!

So what are your options for getting some hot dirty texts?

There are many “traditional” text services around which charge you £1.50 per text. These services have one mission, that is to keep you texting for as long as possible while those £1.50’s build up. You are so engrossed in the conversation that you are having that you don’t even think about it. Then before you know it you have a massive bill that you might struggle to pay.

Also if you have used this kind of service have you ever noticed that the “girl” that you are texting never seems to sleep? Odd huh?

The other downside to that kind of service is that there are restrictions in place as to what you can discuss and all texts are stored!

What if there was another way?

Well now there is, with our service you know exactly how much you are going to spend, you will only be texting the person that you want to text, and yes she sleeps! No texts are stored and there are no restrictions on what you can text about. You simply choose the girl you want to text with, give us a call, pay for your texts using a credit or debit card and within minutes she will be texting you.

This is a totally unrestricted text service where you can chat about ANYTHING that you want, yes even that deep dark fantasy that is going through your mind right now!

You will need WhatsApp especially if you want their filthy photos too.

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